Hello, my name is Eve Shay and I am an aspiring writer.  Robin is my first long book, though I have written a few short stories.  I have to admit, it’s totally and utterly fantasy.  One time I tried writing a story about a normal everyday kid and two paragraphs in I realized I had given the kid magic powers. (Gave up on that story.)  I am a fantasy freak through and through; dragons, wizards, elves, you name it and I love it.  I prefer swords to guns and horses to cars.  I fell in love with some of the more popular fantasy books and decided I wanted to write one myself.  I’d written before Robin, nothing had ever gotten past the first few pages.   Now I have more experience and have other stories started, but this was the first.  As soon as I’d written those first two chapters I knew it was something I would work on until the end.  When I finished, I was really happy with my work and thought I would try to self-publish it.  But then I thought maybe it would be better just to put it out on the internet and see how much people liked it.  And that’s why you’re reading it right now.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.  Thank you!

So far I have put the first, second and third book on the blog and am now putting on the fourth.  The third and fourth books go together as a duology; the fourth finishes the story started in the third.

As I write I feel my characters and my world come more and more alive.

Thanks for reading!

~Eve Shay

Ps. Please comment and tell me your favorite character and maybe even why you like them on the Robin Survey page.  My personal favorite is Paws Mowse.

Pps.  Credit to my sister who lent me the world of Beldore.  All this is for her. Thanks, Kale; my sister, editor, creative criticizer, and BFF.


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